12 Doctors Worth Following on Twitter

There is a wealth of knowledge being presented by doctors on Twitter. Here are twelve doctors I recommend you follow. If you want to start using Twitter as a health resource, this list will get you started and get you thinking. It is in no way comprehensive and is presented in no particular order. Follow these doctors and get healthy!

Dr Daniel T Johnston @drdanjohnston
Average tweets per day: 0.4
Dr. Johston currently serves as Medical Director for the US Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program at the Pentagon. He tweets a lot about nutrition and fitness and he regularly engages in conversations with his followers.

Dr John La Puma @johnlapuma
Average tweets per day: 1.7
A physician and a chef, Dr. La Puma tweets about everything you would expect a physician/chef to tweet about. Whether he’s talking about good food or providing words of encouragement, Dr. La Pauma is sure to add value to your Twitter feed.

Dr Joe @drjoesDIYhealth
Average tweets per day: 21.7
Dr. Joe tweets on a wide range of health topics including sleep, nutrition, and stress. He also sprinkles in a nice amount of interesting and inspiring quotes. Dr. Joe is a general practitioner from Australia.

Joseph Kim, MD @DrJosephKim
Average tweets per day: 6.1
Not just a doctor, Joseph Kim is an entrepreneur living in Philadelphia. You’ll find him tweeting about health, technology, and the health care industry.

Ves Dimov, M.D. @DrVes
Average tweets per day: 18.3
Dr. Dimov is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago. His Twitter feed is full of links to blogs and articles on many topics. Some of his tweets talk about the role social media plays in health care.

Mike Young, PhD @MikeYoung
Average tweets per day: 6.7
Mike Young isn’t a medical doctor, but he does have a PhD in Kinesiology from LSU. He links to a lot of great articles about health and fitness. He also links to Seth Godin’s blog periodically, which supplements the health tweets quite nicely.

Bertalan Meskó, MD @Berci
Average tweets per day: 11.3
Coming to us from Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Meskó tweets about a variety of health-related topics. Each tweet brings a fresh idea, and he often touches on the relationship between health and technology.

Mary L. Brandt MD @drmlb
Average tweets per day: 4.4
Dr. Brandt is a pediatric surgeon working at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. Her feed consists of everything from food recipes to children’s health to general well-being.

Richard Besser @DrRichardBesser
Average tweets per day: 6.2
Chief Health and Medical Editor for ABC News, Dr. Besser keeps his tweets interesting. A lot of his content has to do with public health information.  He also interacts with his followers from time to time.

Ron Paul @RepRonPaul
Average tweets per day: 0.4
Best known as a congressman and presidential candidate, Dr. Paul began practicing medicine in the 1960s. Most of his tweets are political and he sometimes weighs in on national health issues.

Angelo Acquista, MD @DrAcquista
Average tweets per day: 3.2
Dr. Acquista operates a medical practice in New York City and tweets about healthy eating. Expect to read daily tips that will help you get and stay healthy. He does a lot more than post links to articles. Each of his tweets packs a good punch.

Dr. Marty Makary @DrMartyMD
Average tweets per day: 1.3
Dr. Makary is a television medical commentator and Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His tweets range from fitness to Alzheimer’s to surgery, and everything in between. Dr. Makary frequently interacts with his followers.

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