Stop trying so hard. Seriously – you’re trying way to hard (assuming you’re trying at all). Watch these three videos and learn the art of doing awesome things without even thinking about what you’re doing. Video #1: Woman Learns Tennis In A Few Minutes When I was 18 I started studying trumpet playing with Robert […]

I’ve been moving around and traveling a lot lately. Because of my obsession with CrossFit, I’m often in the position of looking for a CrossFit gym in a new city. The pain of browsing the websites of some of these gyms is often comparable to the pain I feel after a good workout (except it’s […]

I’m thankful for the bed and blankets that help me sleep comfortably. I’m thankful for the dreams I can remember. I’m thankful for the clean water running from my tap. I’m thankful for the technology that allows us to communicate and travel. I’m thankful for the freedom to associate with people of my choosing. I’m […]

What’s your motivation? For most, this is a question with an answer that changes over time. What stays constant, I will argue, is the fact the motivation is required to achieve anything significant in life. This collection of quotes is intended to help you focus in on the driving force behind your daily actions. Define […]


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